The Telegraph Cyber Security conference

The Telegraph Cyber Security conference will provide a security methodology for chief executives and board members to implement within in their organisations. Agility, adaptability and resilience are pivotal components of a successful cyber security strategy. Within a culture of adaptability, there is recognition that resources are limited and it is impossible to create a contingency plan for every possible challenge or crisis.

As is now well understood, security can only be created by engendering the right culture and behaviour. Speakers at the conference will provide a methodology for chief executives and board members to implement within their organisation.

Sessions will be practical and provide hands-on knowledge that senior business leaders can implement to provide a working culture where data is secure. Panel discussions will explore informative and results-driven approaches from diverse sectors, including finance, pharmaceuticals and media, to ensure that delegates can draw upon the broadest range of experience.

Key themes to be addressed during the conference include:

• Building in resilience and bringing the organisation to a mature level of cyber security
• Adaptability as the key component for a complex and uncertain future with limited resources
• Moving beyond a silo approach where cyber security is the sole responsibility of the IT division
• Focusing on the adaptability of an organisation or system for cyber security
• Behaviour change as a key to cyber security
• Examining to what extent cyber security features throughout the structure of the organisation

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