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Telegraph Events is always looking for talented people who are creative and want to work in an environment where people are passionate about the products they work on. With departments in sales, marketing, management, operations, publishing, editorial and more, there are many different ways to join our team.

As we are part of the Telegraph Media Group, you can find information about the latest jobs and opportunities on the Telegraph Careers pages . The Telegraph Academy can also be reached through these pages, which is where all information on internships and work experience can be found.

Telegraph Careers pages

Telegraph Events staff


At every event we work with a team of dedicated volunteers who are looking to gain work experience, are passionate about the exhibition content or just want to help out! We give every volunteer a full briefing at the start of the event and let them work on a number of different areas over the duration of the event including:

  • Visitor/customer liaison
  • Feature management
  • Operational team support

If you’re interested in becoming a Telegraph Events Volunteer, get in touch with Alice Ryder and let her know which event you’re interested in.

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